Class VII

If population density of particular area remains is below 10 then area is said to be
  1. densely populated
  2. moderately populated
  3. sparsely populated
  4. aggressively populated
Tool used to measure distribution of population is called
  1. population intensity
  2. population density
  3. housing density
  4. society density
Anything that can be used to earn a living is called
  1. reservoir
  2. resource
  3. outcome
  4. none of the above
According to WHO, portion of population of world which is starving from food is
  1. Three-fourth
  2. One-third
  3. Two-third
  4. One-fourth
Considering population pyramid, left hand side of pyramid is used to show
  1. female population
  2. male population
  3. birth rate
  4. mortality rate
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