Class VII

If population density of particular area remains is below 10 then area is said to be
  1. densely populated
  2. moderately populated
  3. sparsely populated
  4. aggressively populated
If number of deaths are more than number of births then the
  1. population unchanged
  2. population increases
  3. population decreases
  4. both a and c
If number of births are equal to number of deaths then the
  1. areas become less denser
  2. population unchanged
  3. population increases
  4. population decreases
Graphical representation of total population of country, males and female population ratio and old and young people ratio is classified as
  1. population density pyramid
  2. population pyramid
  3. resource pyramid
  4. population characteristics pyramid
Number of births that take place per 1000 people is classified as
  1. birth rate
  2. death rate
  3. population density
  4. housing density
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