Class VII

The special features and habits that help an animal survive in its environment are known as _______
  1. evolutions
  2. adaptations
  3. polymorphisms
  4. hibernation
In Western Ghats Of India, the Long tailed macaque is also known as _______
  1. Indian Parrot
  2. Beard Ape
  3. Monkey
  4. Lemurs
Which of these is specifically an adaptation for cold climates?
  1. thick fur
  2. long ears
  3. sweating glands
  4. light bones
A carnivore with stripes on its body moves very fast while catching its prey. It is likely to be found in
  1. polar regions
  2. deserts
  3. oceans
  4. tropical rainforests
Water vapours present in the atmosphere is called
  1. humidity
  2. precipitation
  3. climate
  4. rain fall
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