Class VII

When wind blows, the most likely cause is:
  1. changing phases of the moon
  2. uneven heating of the Earth
  3. changing distance between the Sun and the Earth
  4. humidity of the air
What combination of sex chromosomes produces a male human?
  1. XXX
  2. XO
  3. XY
  4. XX
What would be the most objective, scientific way to determine which brand of golf ball travels farthest?
  1. Have a pro golfer hit each ball 10 times and measure the distance.
  2. Ask golfers which ball travels farthest.
  3. Compare the tests performed by each company.
  4. Have a machine hit each ball with equal force and measure the distance traveled by each ball.
Acids are found in many common chemicals, including foods. Acids taste:
  1. sour
  2. soapy
  3. sweet
  4. salty
Morning dew is an example of which portion of the water cycle?
  1. transpiration
  2. evaporation
  3. condensation
  4. precipitation
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