Class VII

Which of these things might an environmental engineer do? .
  1. Design a productive garden
  2. Design rooftop gardens that will reduce building heating and cooling costs
  3. Examine the quality of recovered oil and gas before separating the different components
  4. Design home interiors as nice environments to live in
Which of these things might a nanosystems engineer do?
  1. Create a new generation of smaller, longer-lasting, more eco-friendly batteries
  2. Create tiny particles that can move around a patient’s body, finding and killing cancer cells
  3. Design a lightweight, but super-strong, fabric out of nano-materials to make into bulletproof suits
  4. All of the above
Which kind of engineer might build animatronic equipment and special effects for amusement parks and the entertainment industry?
  1. Robotics engineer
  2. CAD technician
  3. Commercial and industrial designer
  4. Mechanical engineer
Which of these things would a fuel cell engineer not do? .
  1. Study how human cells produce energy
  2. Design a network of hydrogen fueling stations
  3. Make a fuel cell with an efficiency high enough to power a city bus all day without refueling
  4. Develop a coating that will allow a fuel cell to operate using either fossil fuels or hydrogen-based fuels
Which of these things would a wind energy engineer not do?
  1. Create a titanium alloy joint that can be used as a permanent hip bone replacement
  2. Test a new wind-turbine blade design in an air tunnel
  3. Analyze annual wind speed and direction data to determine the best location for a wind farm
  4. Be part of a team that installs a wind energy farm in the ocean
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