Class VII

Energy resources which will not run out in long term are called
  1. renewable
  2. non-renewable
  3. generating
  4. producing
When animal and plant rot in absence of air there is production of gas called
  1. oxygen
  2. carbon dioxide
  3. bio gas
  4. methane
Heat obtained from solar furnace is used to drive
  1. turbines
  2. electricity generators
  3. both a and b
  4. vehicles
Fossils fuels come from remains of organisms which lived
  1. 100 years ago
  2. now days
  3. modern era
  4. new generation
Floating devices which are connected in chain to generate electricity are called
  1. Salter goose
  2. Salter duck
  3. Salter mines
  4. Salter sea gull
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