Class VII

Which of the following is the best option while considering the safety of household electric appliances?
  1. We should use wire strip as fuses.
  2. We should use non-ISI marked MCBs
  3. We should use ISI marked MCBs
  4. We should use conductors with high melting point in fuses.
The unit to measure electric resistance is : 
  1. Joule 
  2. Ohm 
  3. Ampere 
  4. Volt 
The unit to measure electric resistance is:
  1. Joule
  2. Ohm
  3. Ampere
  4. Volt
Which of the following dose not use magnetic effect of electric current ? 
  1. electric fan 
  2. electric bulb 
  3. electric motor 
  4. refrigerator 
The strength of the magnetic field due to a solenoid can be increased by 
  1. decreasing the current strength in the solenoid 
  2. increasing the number of turns in the solenoid 
  3. by winding solenoid around a plastic rod 
  4. all of the above 
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