Class VII

When a beam of white light is refracted, something else happens i.e. it spreads into
  1. Five colors
  2. Six colors
  3. Seven colors
  4. Eight colors
. White light can also be made by
  1. one color
  2. two colors
  3. three colors
  4. four colors
Index that identifies each object is known as
  1. Index that identifies each object is known as
  2. refractive index
  3. reflective index
  4. bending index
A red filter would
  1. allow green and blue to pass
  2. allow red color to pass
  3. allow all colors to pass instead of red
  4. allow red component colors to pass
Focal length is a length from
  1. lens to the object
  2. lens to the image
  3. lens to the second focus
  4. lens to the focal point
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