Class VII

Waste which takes 80 to 100 years to be decomposed in landfill is
  1. aluminum can
  2. paper bag
  3. plastic bag
  4. disposable diaper
Document that was drafted by India, Brazil, China, United States and South Africa at meeting under UNFCCC is classified as
  1. Greenhouse Accord
  2. United Nation Accord
  3. Copenhagen Accord
  4. Denmark Accord
Major types of pollution includes
  1. air pollution
  2. land pollution
  3. water pollution
  4. noise pollution
Waste which takes 3 to 4 weeks to be decomposed in landfill is
  1. banana peel
  2. wooden log
  3. disposable diaper
  4. leather shoe
Rain in which acids are combined is classified as
  1. acid rain
  2. allotropic rain
  3. fossil rain
  4. deoxygenated rain
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