Class VII

Only artery that carries deoxygenated blood is
  1. Renal artery
  2. Hepatic artery
  3. Mesenteric artery
  4. Pulmonary artery
Elasticity of Red Blood Cells help them
  1. Pass through capillaries easily
  2. Absorb oxygen easily
  3. Release carbon dioxide easily
  4. Move in the blood easily
Cells that are generally known as army of human body are
  1. White Blood Cells
  2. Platelets
  3. Red Blood Cells
  4. Antigens
Beating of pulse is due to the
  1. energy
  2. flow of blood
  3. flow of water
  4. Capillaries
Oxygen is taken from
  1. Cells to Lungs
  2. Heart to Lungs
  3. Lungs to Cells
  4. Cells to Heart
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