Class VII

At night, convection current of land and sea
  1. remains same
  2. stops
  3. is reversed
  4. is converted to radiation current
Birds trap air between spaces of their feathers, because is
  1. thermal conductor
  2. thermal insulator
  3. electrical conductor
  4. an electrolyte
Another medical use of thermal imaging cameras is that, they can
  1. identify cancer cells deep in the body
  2. identify bacteria in the vessels
  3. identify viruses in the skin tissues
  4. identify diseases of heart
In a thermograph, heat is identified by
  1. different sizes of lines on the photograph
  2. different shapes on the photographs
  3. different colors on the photographs
  4. different densities on the thermograph
In cold climates, building gets cold because of excess escape of
  1. heat
  2. radiations
  3. waves
  4. rays
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