Class VII

Small creatures that breakdown decays into further smaller pieces are called
  1. Scavengers
  2. Detritivores
  3. Primary consumers
  4. Primary producers
Two correct examples of a habitat are
  1. Streams and caves
  2. Ponds and desert
  3. Water and air
  4. Grass and den
Other links instead of producer in a food chain are known as
  1. consumers
  2. scavengers
  3. detritivores
  4. decomposers
White coat of polar bears help them to
  1. camouflage
  2. prevent cold
  3. dry faster
  4. stay healthy
To make sure that animals get enough of things they need to survive, they have to
  1. compete
  2. survive
  3. reproduce
  4. grow bigger
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