Class VI

back . on was the lying her baby
  1. The baby lying was on her back.
  2. The baby was lying her back on.
  3. the back was lying on her baby
  4. The baby was lying on her back.
gave apple her . a red mother the baby
  1. A mother gave the red apple her baby.
  2. The mother gave her baby a red apple.
  3. Mother gave the baby her a red apple.
  4. Mother gave the red apple a baby her.
eyes bird . the had blue blue
  1. The bird eyes blue had blue.
  2. The blue bird eyes blue had.
  3. The blue bird had blue eyes.
  4. The blue eyes bird had blue.
mouth small was his too
  1. his smell was too mouth
  2. smell was his mouth too
  3. was his mouth smell too
  4. His mouth was too small.
took his apple the brother .
  1. His brother took the apple.
  2. The apple took his brother.
  3. Took his brother the apple.
  4. The apple brother took his.
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