Class VI

In a bar magnet, magnetic power is
  1. More that both ends of the magnet
  2. More in the middle of the magnet.
  3. Is same through the magnet.
  4. None of these
When a magnet is suspended freely in air with the help of string, it aligns itself in _________ direction.
  1. South-West
  2. North-East
  3. East-West
  4. North-South
When a North pole of a bar magnet is brought near the north pole of a freely suspended magnetic needle, then it _______ each other
  1. Attracts
  2. Repels
  3. Neither attracts nor repels
  4. None of these
The compass used to find the direction by travelers is 
  1. Water gauge 
  2. Magnetic compass 
  3. Globe 
  4. None of the above 
A magnet looses its magnetic property when 
  1. Cooled, rubbed, beaten 
  2. Heated, hammered, and dropped 
  3. Rubbed, hammered, freeze 
  4. Dropped, beaten, cooled 
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