Class VI

. Mesophyll layer present under upper epidermis of leaf is known as
  1. palisade
  2. root hair
  3. spongy
  4. nerve
Hair like structures present in our throat that push mucus and other waste out of lungs are known as
  1. axon
  2. cilia
  3. dendrites
  4. nucleus
Part of plant that plays an important role in reproduction is
  1. leaves
  2. stem
  3. flower
  4. roots
Eyepiece contains a
  1. 1X or 5X power lens
  2. 10X or 15X power lens
  3. 12X or 15X power lens
  4. 10X or 12X power lens
When specimen comes in a broad focus, we should turn knob of
  1. fine adjustment
  2. coarse adjustment
  3. condenser lens
  4. illumination
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