Class VI

Type of cultivation in which large number of people prepares cultivation land but land can support only few people is classified as
  1. shifting cultivation
  2. intensive cultivation
  3. pastoral cultivation
  4. subsistence cultivation
Type of farming in which crops are grown by farmers for selling purpose is classified as
  1. commercial farming
  2. subsistence farming
  3. pastoral farming
  4. intensive farming
Business of raising animals and growing of crops is classified as
  1. agriculture
  2. farming
  3. forestation
  4. afforestation
Process of crop growing in which plants are kept in multi-storey structures in troughs instead of soil is classified as
  1. aquaponics
  2. hydroponics
  3. aeroponics
  4. geoponics
Plantation agriculture is practiced in countries that are located in
  1. hot desert zone
  2. tropical climate zones
  3. temperate climate zones
  4. monsoon climate zones
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