Class VI

He has shown good performance.
  1. Good performance has shown by him.
  2. Good performance has been shown by him.
  3. Good performance had been shown by him.
  4. Good performance has be shown by him.
She will invite me.
  1. I shall be invited by her.
  2. I will invited by her.
  3. I shall being invited by her.
  4. I will been invited by her.
Have you taken a rest?
  1. Have a rest been taken by you?
  2. Have a rest taken by you
  3. Had a rest taken by you?
  4. Have a rest be take by you?
Why do you tell a lie?
  1. Why a lie told by you?
  2. Why is a lie be told by you?
  3. Why is a lie told by you?
  4. Why is a lite being told you?
I take exercise daily.
  1. Exercise are taken daily by me.
  2. Exercise is taken daily by me.
  3. Exercise is being taken daily by me.
  4. Exercise is been taken daily by me.
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