Class IX

Distributive pronoun in sentence "Each of boy in my class knows how to keep discipline in class." is
  1. my
  2. how
  3. each
  4. the
Relative pronoun in sentence "That was boy whom I saw in party last night." is
  1. that
  2. I
  3. whom
  4. them
Interrogative pronoun in sentence "What are others thinking about me? I do not care it." is
  1. other
  2. me
  3. I
  4. What
Possessive pronoun in sentence "Just have look an newspaper, you will find a space for your advertisement." is
  1. you
  2. will
  3. your
  4. have
Singular object pronoun in sentence "She could not do her assignment better, although she took an A grade." is
  1. she
  2. her
  3. an
  4. do
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