Class IX

Specialized shoot bearing reproductive organs in flowering plants is called as
  1. Branch
  2. Vegetative Bud
  3. Flower
  4. Shoot apex
Sugars made in leaves is transported through
  1. mesophyll cells
  2. lower epidermis
  3. xylem tissues
  4. phloem tissues
Due to osmotic pressure in marine fish, kidneys
  1. excretes salts
  2. excretes small amount of water
  3. produce concentrated urine
  4. all of these
Exine refers to the
  1. outer wall of mature pollen grain
  2. pollen tube germinating through style
  3. sticky material of stigma
  4. lodicule of bracts
In strong day light, fresh water (H2)
  1. can be more alkaline
  2. can be more acidic
  3. is neutral
  4. is salty
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