Class IX

Which one among the following is a non-farm activity?
  1. Multiple cropping
  2. Crop rotation
  3. Dairy farming
  4. Modern farming
People of Palampur sell milk in the near by large village named ________
  1. Pitampura
  2. Siliguri
  3. Shahpur
  4. Raiganj
Which product is sold by Mishri Lal traders in Shahapur
  1. Jaggery
  2. Cotton Textile
  3. Machine Tools
  4. Fertilisers
Where do most of the small farmers borrow money to arrange for the capital in Palampur?
  1. Banks
  2. Co-operative Societies
  3. Village money lenders
  4. Friends and relatives
Consumption of chemical fertilisers is highest in which state of India?
  1. Jharkand
  2. Punjab
  3. Rajasthan
  4. Himachal Pardesh
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