Class IX

Seeds may be
  1. endospermic
  2. non-endospermic
  3. ectospermic
  4. both A and B
When heart relaxes,
  1. person respires
  2. peristalsis movements occur
  3. bile is produced
  4. heart gets filled with blood
Blood in pulmonary arteries is at a lower pressure than blood in aorta allowing
  1. tricuspid valve to shut
  2. bicuspid valve to shut
  3. gaseous exchange to effectively take place in lungs
  4. semi lunar valves to prevent backflow of blood
Transference of food from one trophic level to next is
  1. accompanied with an energy gain
  2. accompanied with energy loss
  3. accompanied with macronutrients only
  4. accompanied with micronutrients only
All are parts of human gut, but,
  1. esophagus
  2. liver
  3. rectum
  4. colon
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