Class IX

Vitamin helpful in process of blood clotting is
  1. B-complex
  2. C
  3. D
  4. K
High concentrations of carbon monoxide (CO)
  1. reduces capacity of blood transport
  2. reduces capacity of oxygen transportation through blood in body
  3. is caused due to incomplete fossil decay
  4. is caused due to smog formation
Fruits dispersed through hook like structures include
  1. Urena
  2. Clematis
  3. Tridex
  4. Angsana
Reproductive nuclei of flower are known as
  1. male gametes
  2. female gametes
  3. male gonads
  4. female gonads
Amino acids are not used for
  1. repair of worn out body parts
  2. formation of hormones
  3. detoxication of picric acid
  4. formation of enzymes
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