Class IX

Find the odd one out
  1. Kanchenjunga
  2. Nanga Parbat
  3. Namcha Barwa
  4. Anai Mudi
Which two hills are located in the south-east of Eastern Ghats ?
  1. Mizo Hills and Naga Hills
  2. Javadi Hills and Shevroy Hills
  3. Patkoi Hills and Manipuri Hills
  4. Mizo Hills and Patkoi Hills
Which islands of India are called Coral Islands?
  1. Lakshdeep
  2. Andman and Nikobar
  3. both
  4. None of these
The Peninsular Plateau of India belongs to which of the following landmass?
  1. Angaraland
  2. Tethys
  3. Eurasian Plate
  4. Gondwanaland
A narrow gap in a mountain range providing access to the other side is
  1. Mound
  2. Pass
  3. Strait
  4. Valley
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