Class IX

In 19th century, the main reason for the peasants to protest against threshing machines use was
  1. Machines were difficult to operate.
  2. These machines were robbing off their jobs
  3. These were very expensive.
  4. All of these
Farmers in England began buying the new threshing machines because they:
  1. feared shortage of labour
  2. wanted to show superiority by buying these machines
  3. had enough money which they wanted to invest
  4. None of these
During the beginning of 19th century, which of the following were major commercial crops in India?
  1. Cotton and Jute
  2. Indigo and Opium
  3. Sugarcane and Cotton
  4. Indigo and Jute
Which one of the following is related to the name of Captain Swing?
  1. Invention of threshing machines.
  2. Breaking of threshing machines
  3. A mythical name for threatening the Landowners.
  4. Prosperity of farm labour.
When did the American settlers move into the Mississippi Valley?
  1. between 1820 and 1850
  2. between 1920 and 1950
  3. between 1850 and 1870
  4. between 1870 and 1900
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