Class IX

In 1831 mechanical reaper was invented by:
  1. Cyrus McCormic
  2. Dietrich Brandis
  3. Alexander Hogue
  4. Captain Swing
Who benefited the most from enclousers?
  1. Traders
  2. Landlords
  3. Peasants
  4. British Parliament
Which of the following systems was adopted by the British to convince the unwilling Indian cultivators to produce opium?
  1. Cheap loans
  2. Scientific farming methods
  3. Collective farming
  4. Advances
Who was the American President under whom maximum expansion of wheat cultivation took place?
  1. President Wilson
  2. President Roosevelt
  3. George Washington
  4. Abraham Lincoln
Who was Captain Swing?
  1. A farmer
  2. An army Captain
  3. A mythical name
  4. A labourer
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