Class IX

When solutions of sodium sulphate and barium chloride are mixed, an insoluble solid settles at the bottom of the test tube. Its colour is
  1. blue
  2. green
  3. white
  4. yellow
An example of a liquid metal and a liquid non-metal is
  1. gallium, mercury
  2. mercury, chlorine
  3. mercury, bromine
  4. bromine, sulphur
The process of separation of insoluble solids from a liquid is called:
  1. Filtration
  2. Decantation
  3. Crystallisation
  4. Evaporation
Cloud is an example of
  1. liquid dispersed in a gas
  2. solid dispersed in a gas
  3. liquid dispersed in a solid
  4. solid dispersed in a solid
The cause of Brownian movement is
  1. impact of molecules of dispersion medium on colloidal particles
  2. attractive forces between the particles of dispersed place and dispersion medium
  3. heat changes in liquid state.
  4. convection currents.
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