Class IX

  All gases have
  1. Definite shape
  2. Definite volume
  3. Definite shape but no definite volume
  4. No definite shape or volume
 Gases are highly compressible due to
  1. Empty spaces between their molecules
  2. High density
  3. Mobility between them
  4. Boyles law
  A change of state directly from solid ti gas without changing into liquid state ( or vice versa ) is called
  1. Evalopartion
  2. Sublimation
  3. Diffusion
  4. Condensation
: Large volume of compressed natural gas (CNG) is available in small cylinders to us due to its property of - 
  1. High inflammability
  2. Easy availability
  3. High compressibility
  4. Low density
Liquids have _____
  1. Fixed volume and fixed shape 
  2. Fixed shape and no fixed volume
  3. Fixed volume and no fixed shape   
  4. Neither fixed volume nor fixed shape 
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