Class IX

The mass of an object
  1. Varies at different locations
  2. Remains constant
  3. Can be measured using
  4. Is the direction of gravitational force
  The mass of an object is
  1. The force of gravity on that object located at a particular point in space
  2. The amount of matter contained in the object, independent of where that object is found.
  3. Dependent on whether the object is on the Earth or elsewhere.
  4. Divided by the Earth?s acceleration due to gravity to equal force.
 Which of the following was NOT a contribution of Newton?s to science?
  1. The law of universal gravitation
  2. The first good experimental measure of G, the gravitational constant of proportionality
  3. F = ma
  4. Explanations of optical phenomena
The gravitational force causes
  1. Tides
  2. Motion of moon
  3. none of them
  4. both a and b
 The value of acceleration due to gravity at the poles
  1. Is more than at the equator
  2.  Is less than at the equator
  3. Same as at the equator
  4. zero
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