Class IX

Flowering plants having rhizomes do not include
  1. Canna
  2. Lallang
  3. Ginger
  4. Garlic
Flower with either stamen or pistil is called as
  1. unisexual flower
  2. monoecious
  3. diecious
  4. bisexual flower
Glands of internal section are also known as
  1. endocrine glands
  2. duct glands
  3. exocrine glands
  4. ectocrine glands
White blood cells (leukocytes)
  1. lack nucleus
  2. transport oxygen
  3. lack hemoglobin
  4. produce antibodies
After pollens get attached to sticky stigma
  1. androecium dries
  2. androecium gets detached (withers off)
  3. keel petals enclose stamens and stigma again
  4. flower stops producing nectar as a mechanism to stop further visits of insects and bees
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