Class IX

The book ‘Two Treatises on Government’ was written by:
  1. Rousseau
  2. John Locke
  3. Montesquieu
  4. Karl Marx
In the context of France, ‘the fall of Bastille’ took place on:
  1. 14th July 1789
  2. 20th June 1789
  3. 4th Aug 1789
  4. 5th May 1789
The National Assembly of France voted in April 1792, to declare war against
  1. Britain and Germany
  2. Prussia and Austria
  3. Italy and Germany
  4. Russia and Prussia
Identify the statement which is wrong with reference to Robespierre
  1. He banned the use of white flour
  2. He rationed meat and bread
  3. He exempted his party men from punishment
  4. He converted churches into barracks or offices
In the context of France, what was ‘tithes’?
  1. A tax levied by the Church
  2. Direct tax levied by the State
  3. The tax levied on the articles of everyday consumption
  4. None of these
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