Class IX

Disadvantages of pesticides includes
  1. healthier crops
  2. higher yield of crops
  3. non-biodegradable pesticides
  4. more food is available
Viruses are not considered cells because
  1. they can not divide
  2. they do not have a nucleus
  3. they do not have a protoplasm
  4. they are non-living things
Chyme is
  1. acidic in nature
  2. alkaline in nature
  3. has a pH of 7
  4. depends upon type of food eaten
Nicotine (C10H14N2)
  1. is a carcinogenic substance
  2. makes blood clot easily
  3. makes blood dilute
  4. helps in lumen becoming narrower
In terms of tolerance range for oxygen (O2), Tubifax worms and fish
  1. differ
  2. are alike
  3. are similar
  4. are opposite
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