Class IX

He called a fire fighter, when he saw a house on fire. (Which word is a collective noun?)
  1. called
  2. house
  3. saw
  4. fire fighter
Gambling was main reason of his destruction. (Which word is a verbal noun?)
  1. main
  2. gambling
  3. destruction
  4. reason
Sure, I will help you in your assignments. (Which word is a count noun?)
  1. help
  2. assignments
  3. sure
  4. your
He was amazed by beauty of valley. (Which word is an abstract noun?
  1. amazed
  2. valley
  3. was
  4. beauty
On every Saturday, I like to spend my time with my friend Ali. (Which word is a proper noun?
  1. time
  2. Ali
  3. friend
  4. my
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