Class IX

He became a great cricketer after great hard working and practice. (Which word is a predicate noun?
  1. hard working
  2. cricketer
  3. practice
  4. became
He was amazed by beauty of valley. (Which word is an abstract noun?
  1. amazed
  2. valley
  3. was
  4. beauty
She took Rayan to museum with her as he was alone at home. (Which word is an indirect object noun?)
  1. alone
  2. museum
  3. home
  4. Rayan
My brother, singer, has been awarded best singer. (Which word is an appositive noun?)
  1. has been
  2. the singer
  3. awarded
  4. best
My father decorated my room for my birthday. (Which word is an indirect object noun?)
  1. for my birthday
  2. father
  3. decorated
  4. my
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