Class IX

Oxidation occurs in
  1. stomach
  2. liver
  3. small intestine
  4. every single cell
Broad Bean is an example of
  1. Epigeal Germination
  2. Hypogeal Germination
  3. Epi-hypogeal Germination
  4. Hypo-Epigeal Germination
Abiotic environment does not concern
  1. living things
  2. light
  3. water
  4. oxygen
Example of rod-shaped viruses include
  1. influenza virus
  2. bacteriophages
  3. tobacco mosaic virus
  4. norwalk virus
Bilaterally symmetrical refers to
  1. if flower can be halved into two equal halves along more than one longitudinal plane passing through
  2. if a flower can be halved along one dimensional plane only
  3. if flower can be halved forming to equal lobes
  4. if plant can be halved forming to equal and congruent lobes
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