Class IX

In ethanol (C2H5OH) emulsion test, resulting emulsion is of
  1. sky blue color
  2. cloudy white color
  3. cranberry pink color
  4. violet color
. Peptidase is also called as
  1. protease
  2. erepsin
  3. pancreatic amylase
  4. pancreatic lipase
People likely to have similar genes have
  1. People likely to have similar genes have
  2. more chances of tissue rejection
  3. more chances of successful tissue transplant
  4. more chances to contract fatal diseases
Only cells that undergo division in epidermis are found in
  1. cornified layer
  2. Granular layer
  3. Malpighian layer
  4. all of these
Corolla refers to the
  1. collection of sepals
  2. collection of petals
  3. collection of stamens
  4. collection of stamens
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