Class IX

Characteristics essential for sensitivity includes
  1. well developed brain
  2. specialized sense organs
  3. well developed nervous system
  4. all of these
Most fertile layer of soil is
  1. top layer
  2. organic layer
  3. middle soil layer
  4. middle soil layer
Arsenic is an example of
  1. organic waste
  2. inorganic waste
  3. acid
  4. base
Consequences of water pollution includes
  1. discharge of untreated sewage
  2. burning of fossil fuels
  3. loss of habitat
  4. climatic changes
All is true for local anesthesia, but,
  1. that it causes local numbness
  2. it causes a loss of sensation in area being injected
  3. contains Cocaine
  4. cause gastric ulcers
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