Class IX

Deficiency of somatotrophin hormone in growth years causes decrease in growth called
  1. vasopressin
  2. acromegaly
  3. dwarfism
  4. gigantism
External part of ear which is covered with skin and made up of cartilage is called
  1. pinna
  2. auditory canal
  3. ear drum
  4. incus
Human body synthesize rhodopsin from a vitamin named
  1. vitamin C
  2. vitamin D
  3. vitamin A
  4. vitamin B
All spinal nerves in peripheral nervous system are classified as
  1. temporal nerves
  2. sensory nerves
  3. motor nerves
  4. mixed nerves
Motor neurons carry all information which is received from interneuron to
  1. hormones in blood
  2. human skin
  3. nose and eyes
  4. muscles and glands
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