Class IX

Motor end plate is formed
  1. at junction of two neurons
  2. when end branch of an axon touches Dendron
  3. when end branch of an axon touches an effector
  4. when synapse is busy in other tasks
Pyrethrum is used in
  1. insecticides
  2. quinine
  3. morphine
  4. antibiotics
When body temperature rises, several mechanism help in loosing heat but mechanism that helps in reducing heat production is
  1. reduced breathing
  2. reduced rate of metabolism
  3. excessive sweating
  4. excessive vasodilation
Bracts are commonly found in
  1. Orchids
  2. Clitoria
  3. Pawpaw
  4. Grasses
Meningitis results from meninges become affected through
  1. virus
  2. bacteria
  3. fungi
  4. both A and B
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