Class IX

Which of these elements is a noble gas?
  1. krypton
  2. oxygen
  3. hydrogen
  4. hydrogen
The reaction which converts sugar solution into alcohol is an example of
  1. saponification
  2. hydrogenation
  3. fermentation
  4. hydrolysis
What is true of a balanced chemical equation?
  1. There are always more products than reactants.
  2. The number of moles of products equals the number of moles of reactants.
  3. Both sides of the reaction have the same number and types of atoms.
  4. Energy is always released.
What is the word for a measure of the force of gravity on an object?
  1. friction
  2. mass
  3. velocity
  4. centripetal force
A well-substantiated explanation of an aspect of the natural world is:
  1. a theory
  2. a law
  3. a hypothesis
  4. an educated guess
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