Class IX

Purpose of heparin is to
  1. force blood clotting
  2. act as anticlotting agent
  3. failure affect of thrombokinase
  4. help in thrombin production
Situated above larynx and behind root of tongue is
  1. epiglottis
  2. glottis
  3. incisors
  4. salivary gland
Prothrombin helps in
  1. fighting against diseases
  2. giving red color to blood
  3. giving red color to blood
  4. hormones regulations
An overactive thyroid gland may
  1. slow metabolic rate
  2. expedite metabolic rate
  3. may denature metabolic enzymes
  4. may increase pH from 7 to 9 approx.
Purpose of vasomotor nerve is to
  1. control arterioles carrying blood to capillaries
  2. control proximal convoluted tubule
  3. control distal convoluted tubule
  4. control collecting tubule
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