Class IX

Saliva helps in conversion of starch to maltose through enzyme
  1. pancreatic amylase
  2. pepsin
  3. salivary amylase
  4. maltase
Protein molecules are but
  1. Protein molecules are but
  2. very large to pass through living membranes
  3. need to by hydrolyzed to get digested
  4. produce amino acids as final product
In custard apple,
  1. self pollination is highly likely
  2. flowers are dioecious
  3. anthers and stamens may mature at different times
  4. all of these
in order to float, water weeds have
  1. poorly developed vascular bundles
  2. poorly developed supporting tissues
  3. air spaces to help paant float
  4. small base area
Kingdom is further sub-divided into
  1. genre
  2. species
  3. classes
  4. phyla
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