Class IX

Considering five kingdom classification system, unicellular eukaryotic, prokaryotic and multicellular eukaryotic are considered as
  1. shoot and root systems
  2. cellular organization levels
  3. modes of nutrition
  4. green plants classification
Method of proposing scientific names for differentiating living organisms is called
  1. binomial nomenclature
  2. nominal nomenclature
  3. amino nomenclature
  4. autotrophs nomenclature
Nutritional mode of mushrooms of kingdom fungi is
  1. destructive
  2. photosynthetic
  3. ingestive
  4. absorptive
Branch of biology which focuses on evolutionary history of different organisms and classification is called
  1. parasitology
  2. systematics
  3. pharmacology
  4. morphology
Naming of organism in scientific terms is known as
  1. trinomial nomenclature
  2. binomial nomenclature
  3. scientific nomenclature
  4. all of them
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