Class IX

Saprophytic bacteria feed
  1. in intestines of animals
  2. by producing their own food
  3. feed on decaying organic matter
  4. all of these
Purpose of glumes is to
  1. offer support to petiole
  2. protect two flowers in spikelet
  3. lower possibility of wind pollination
  4. increase possibilty of insect pollination
Blood is carried back to heart through
  1. venues
  2. arterioles
  3. capillaries
  4. vein
In hypothalamus, heat loss center is activated if
  1. day is cold
  2. day is sunny
  3. vasoconstriction is followed
  4. rate of metabolism is reduced
Fungal diseases in man commonly appear as
  1. hook worms
  2. white spores
  3. tapeworms
  4. ringworms
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