Class IX

Formula for Magnesium Chloride is:
  1. MgCl
  2. Mg₂Cl
  3. Mg₂Cl
  4. MgCl₄
Who introduced the term 'mole' in chemistry?
  1. A Lavosier
  2. John Dalton
  3. Wilhelm Ostwald
  4. Amedeo Avagadro
If Z represents the atomic number and A represents mass number, then the number of electrons in an atom can be computed as
  1. Z
  2. Z-A
  3. A-Z
  4. A+Z
1 u or 1 amu means
  1. Mass of O-16 atom
  2. Mass of C-12 atom
  3. 1/12th mass of C-12 atoms
  4. Mass of Hydrogen molecule
Which one of the following will have the maximum charge/mass ratio?
  1. Proton
  2. Neutron
  3. Electron
  4. α-particle
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