Class IX

Casein is converted to yoghurt because of
  1. lactic acid
  2. salicylic acid
  3. benzoic acid
  4. picric acid
Anabolic activities include
  1. tissue respiration
  2. deamination of proteins
  3. denaturation of enzymes
  4. photosynthesis in green plants
Cranial reflexes mostly occur in the
  1. muscular contraction
  2. head region
  3. spinal region
  4. hind limbs
Blood pressure rises due to
  1. decrease in blood volume
  2. increase in diameter of blood vessels
  3. decrease in diameter of blood vessels
  4. inability of pituarity gland to produce hormones
In each villus, sugars and amino acids are diffused in
  1. lymphatic capillary
  2. blood vessels
  3. microvilli
  4. all of these
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