Class IV

Which two animals have a similar habitat?
  1. Fish and Lion
  2. Whale and Bear
  3. Polar Bear and Camel
  4. Raccoon and Squirrel
You and your family were trying to figure out a way to help the environment. Which of the following is not helpful to the environment?
  1. Feeding wild animals your leftover table scraps.
  2. Composting old food
  3. Recycling trash
  4. Picking up litter in your neighborhood
All habitats…
  1. are green
  2. have trees
  3. are big
  4. have living things
Where would a bear most likely like to live?
  1. Under the ground
  2. In the ocean
  3. In a forest
  4. In the desert
What is a scientist called that studies living things?
  1. Biologist
  2. Engineer
  3. Paleontologist
  4. Geologist
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