Class II

What moves back and forth to move mucus out of the sinuses and the back of the nose?
  1. Boogers
  2. Snot
  3. Receptors
  4. Cilia
The nose and tongue work together to help you taste.
  1. True
  2. False
  3. None of these
  4. All of these
Made out of thin pieces of bone, this wall separates your nasal passages:
  1. Nostrils
  2. Bridge
  3. Septum
  4. Cartilage
What is behind your nose and connects with the back of the throat?
  1. Nasal cavity
  2. Nasal passage
  3. Hard palate
  4. Bone
These are sensitive to odor molecules and help your brain recognize smells:
  1. Receptors
  2. Nostrils
  3. Nasal passages
  4. Nose hair
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