Class II

You can keep your heart strong by:
  1. Eating heart-shaped candy
  2. Doing activities, like playing outside, riding your bike, and swimming
  3. Smoking
  4. Sleeping 18 hours a day
The atrium are the “upstairs” chambers of the heart and these parts are the “downstairs” chambers:
  1. Valves
  2. Ventricles
  3. Blood
  4. Candy hearts
How many chambers does the heart have?
  1. Six
  2. Five
  3. Four
  4. Three
With circulation, the heart provides your body with:
  1. Oxygen
  2. Nutrients
  3. A way to get rid of waste
  4. All of the above
What wall separates the left side and right side of the heart?
  1. Ventricle
  2. Atrium
  3. Septum
  4. The great wall
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