Class II

What shuts automatically to protect the eye from possible danger?
  1. Iris
  2. Eyelash
  3. Eyelid
  4. Lens
About how large is the eye?
  1. As big as a basketball
  2. A little smaller than an apple
  3. As big as a ping-pong ball
  4. A little bigger than a tennis ball
What part is the great messenger at the back of your eye?
  1. Retina
  2. Optic nerve
  3. Sclera
  4. Blood vessels
Tears help your eyes by:
  1. Washing away germs
  2. Keeping them from drying out
  3. Keeping dust or other particles out
  4. All of the above
When the image hits the retina, the image is upside down. What flips the image over so that it is right-side up?
  1. Lens
  2. Retina
  3. Optic nerve
  4. The brain
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