Class I

Where was Carlos when all the animals were in the umbrella?
  1. Sleeping under a tree.
  2. In the tall fig tree looking for animals.
  3. Hiking through the forest.
  4. Eating lunch at his house.
Which animal got into the umbrella after the toucan?
  1. The tree frog
  2. The kinkajou
  3. The tapir
  4. The monkey
Where does the story take place?
  1. The woods in North America.
  2. A zoo in Brazil
  3. A rainforest
  4. In Carlos Backyard
Which was the last animal to join before the umbrella tipped over into the river?
  1. The Jaguar
  2. The Monkey
  3. The Hummingbird
  4. The Quetzal
Which animal never thought before he acted?
  1. The Monkey
  2. The Tapir
  3. The Toucan
  4. The Quetzal
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