Class I

A person who is the head of the institution:
  1. Peon
  2. Security
  3. Teacher
  4. Principal
Where do we welcome our guests?
  1. Bathroom
  2. Drawing room
  3. Dining room
  4. Bedroom
When are the best times to wash your hands?
  1. Before eating or touching food.
  2. After blowing your nose or coughing.
  3. After playing outside.
  4. After touching pets or other animals.
Why do we need a house?
  1. Protects us from heat and cold
  2. For food
  3. Air
  4. Rest
What problems can we face if we do not eat green vegetables like beans, cabbage and spinach?
  1. Will stop growing
  2. Will not get enough fiber in our diet
  3. Become less energetic
  4. Will feel weak always
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