Class XI

Here is a list of all of the Subjects that cover class curriculum! These subjects are organised by class, and you can move your mouse over any question to view a sample question. To start practising, just click on any link. AGXL will track your score, and the questions will automatically increase in difficulty as you improve!

Algebra - Principle of Mathematical - Complex Numbers and Quadratic Equations - Linear Inequalities -Sequence and Series
Calculus > Limits and Derivatives > Limits of polynomials > logarithmic functions > trigonometric functions...
Coordinate Geometry > Straight Lines > Conic Sections > Three-dimensional Geometry >Coordinate axes > planes > points...
Linear Inequalities
Mathematical Reasoning > Mathematical Reasoning >acceptable statements >Difference between contradiction > converse and contrapositive....
Permutation and Combination
Sets and Functions ( Sets ,Relations & Functions , Trigonometric Functions, )
Change the form of the following sentences from active to passive :
Fill in the Blanks
Identifying Nouns
Idioms & phrases 
Sentence Completion
Animal Habitats
Elements and Metals
Lakes, Streams and Rivers
The Solar System
Acidity or alkalinity
Acids: Properties & Reactions
Applications of Electrolysis
Atoms & elements
Atoms and Molecules
Basic Acidic Neutral & Amphoteric
Basic Acidic Neutral & Amphoteric 
Basic Concepts Of Chemistry
Catalysts & Enzymes
Change of State
Change of State 
Chemical & Ionic Equations
Chemical & Ionic Equations 
Chemical Bonding and Molecular Structure
Chemical formulas
Chemical Reaction: Factor Affecting
Chemical Reactions 
Chemical symbols
Chemical Symbols 
Chemical to Electrical Energy
Chemical to Electrical Energy 
Classification of elements and periodicity >Colourless gas >Elements and Metals
Collection of Gases
Conductors & Non Conductors
Crystallization of Microchips 
Dissolving filtering & evaporating
Dissolving Filtering & Evaporating 
Distillation: Purification process
Distillation: Purification Process 
Dry Cells 
Electrical devices & circuit symbols
Electrolyte & non electrolyte
Electrolyte & Non Electrolyte 
Endothermic reactions
Endothermic Reactions 
Exothermic reactions
Fast & slow reactions
Formula of carbonic acid is
GCE O Level Chemistry
GCE O Level Chemistry 
Insoluble Salts: Ionic Precipitation
Insoluble salts: Ionic precipitation 
Ioni & covalent substances
Ionic & Covalent Substances 
Ionic compounds: crystal lattices
Ionic Compounds: Crystal Lattices 
Isotopes: Number of Neutrons
Kinetic Particle Theory
Kinetic Particle Theory 
Kinetic theory
Kinetic Theory 
Lonic compounds: crystal lattices
Making & Breaking Bonds 
Mass volume time & temperature
Megasporangium is equivalent to :
Method of purification
Mineral acids : general properties
Mixtures & Compounds 
Molecules & compounds
Molecules & macrmolecules
Molecules & macromolecules
Molecules & Macromolecules 
O level chemistry: states of matter
O level Chemistry: States of Matter 
Ordinary level chemistry
Oxidation & Reduction
Paper chromatography
Percent Composition of Elements 
Periodic table: o level chemistry
Ph scale: acid & alkali
pH Scale: Acid & Alkali 
Proton & nucleon number
Proton & nucleon number
Proton & Nucleon Number 
Pure substances & mixtures
Pure Substances & Mixtures 
Pure substances &mixtures
Reaction: Factor Affecting
Redox reactions
Redox Reaction: Oxidation 
Redox reactions
Relative molecular mass
Relative molecular mass 
Relative moleculer mass
Salts: hydrogen of Aacids
Salts: hydrogen of acids
Salts: Hydrogen of Acids 
Save energy: o level chemistry
Save Energy: O Level Chemistry 
Save energy: o level 
Section 1
Separating Funnel
Soluble Salts Preparation
Soluble Salts Preparation 
States Of Matter
Strong & Weak Acids
Structure Of Atom
Symbols for elements
Transfer of Electrons
Universal i dicators
Universal indicators
Universal indicators 
Valence electrons
Valency & chemical formula
Valency & Chemical Formula 
Valency table
Which enzyme/s will be produced in a cell in which there is a non-sense mutation in the lac Y gene ?
Basic General Knowledge
About Our World
Basic General Knowledge - Section 2
Basic General Knowledge - Section 5
Basic General Knowledge - Section 8
Basic General Knowledge - Section 9
United States Currency in Circulation
Balance Sheet
Elements and Metals
Section 1
Elements and Metals
Force and Laws of Motion
Kinetic Theory > Motion > Motion and Time > Motion in A Plane
Laws of Motion > Concept of force > Inertia >Momentum > Impulse > Static and kinetic friction > Laws of friction > Circular motion
Mechanical Properties of Fluids
Mechanical Properties of Solids
Motion In A Plane
Physical World > Units of Measurements > Motion >Motion and Time > Motion in A Plane
Section 1
System of Particles and Rotational Motion
Thermal Properties of Matter
Units and Measurements
Work, Energy and Power > Constant force > Variable force > Kinetic and potential energies > Work-energy theorem> Power...
Aerobic respiration and its waste
Anaerobic Respiration
Anatomy Of Flowering
Animal Kingdom
Artificial Methods of Vegetative Reproduction
Atmospheric Pollution 
Average daily mineral intake
Bacteria Structure 
Basal metabolism
Basal Metabolism 
Bile: Origination & Functions
Biological Classification
Biology Fats
Biology Practice 
Biotechnology: Fermentation Products
Biotic & Abiotic in Ecology
Blood Platelets
Blood Pressures
Body Fluids And Circulation
Body Muscles 
Brain of Mammal
Branches of Biotechnology
Breathing And Exchange Of Gases
Causes of Pollution: Biology
Cell Biology Quiz 
Cell Biology 
Cell Cycle And Cell Division
Cell The Unit Of Life
Cells: Building Blocks of Life 
Chemical Coordination
Circulatory system
College biology
Decomposition in Biology
Denaturation of Enzymes
Digestion And Absorption
Digestion: Enzyme Catalyzed Process 
Disaccharides and complex sugars 
Disadvantages of Excess Vitamins 
Dormacy & seed germination
Dormancy & seed germination
Drug Types 
Energy requirements
Epidermis & Homeostasis 
Epigeal & Hypogeal Germination 
Epigeal& hypogeal germination
Examples of homeostasis in man
Excretory Products And Their Elimination
Facts about smoking
Fast Learning
Fast learning biology
Fast Learning Biology 
Features of sexual reproduction in animals
Features of sexual reproduction in animals 
Fertilization & Post Fertilization Changes 
Functions & Composition 
Functions and shape of rbcs
Fungi: Mode of Life
Gastric Juice 
GCE Biology
Generally modified organisms
Genetic Engineering & Biotechnology 
Genetically Modified Organisms
Genetically Modified Organisms 
Habitat specialization due to salinity
Heart: O Level Biology 
Hormones: endocrine glads
Hormones: Endocrine Glands
Human Heart 
Human respiration
Internal structure of eye
Introduction to biology
Introduction to Biotechnology
Kidneys as osmoregulators
Learning Biology
Learning Biology 
Learning with biology
Liver in Biology
Locomotion And Movement
Main Arteries of Body 
Main veins of body
Mammalian Eye
Mammalian Eye 
Mammalian Skin
Mineral Nutrition
Mineral Salts 
Mode of action of heart
Morphology of Flowering Plants
Natural Vegetative Propagation in Flowering Plants
Nervous Tissue
Neural Control And Coordination
Nutrition: Introduction
O level biology
Olevel biology
Oxygen debt
Parts of flower
Parts of Flower 
Photons in photosynthesis
Photosynthesis In Plants
Photosynthesis: O Level Biology
Physical Environment: Ecology
Plant Growth And Development
Plant Kingdom
Pollution : sewage as cause
Pollution: BOD & Eutrophication
Pollution: Inorganic Wastes as Cause
Pollution: Pesticides & DDT 
Pollution: sewage as cause
Pollution: Smog as Cause 
Production of Antibodies
Pyramid of energy
Rate of reaction & enzyme activity
Red Blood Cells in Mammals
Respiration In Plants
Section 1
Seed Dispersal: Dispersal by animals 
Simple Carbohydrates 
Size & Position of Kidneys 
Soil Erosion 
Spinal Cord & Nerves 
Stomata & Functions
Structural Organisation In Animals
Structure of a wind pollinated fiower
Structure of a wind pollinated flower
Structure of a wind pollinated flower 
Structure of Cell: Vacuoles
Structure of Lamina
Structure of mammalian skin
Structure of Mammalian Skin 
Structure of root
Structure of Root 
Study biology
Study Biology 
The Fundamental Unit Of Life
Tissue Respiration Gas Exchange & Breathing
Transport In Plants
Viruses: Biochemical Parasites
Vitamin Deficiency 
Vitamins & Minerals 
Voluntary & reflex actions
What is transpiration
White Blood Cells
White Blood Cells 
Wind dispersed fruits & seeds
Wind Dispersed Fruits & Seeds 

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