Data So Intuitive, It's Fun

AGXL brings you data that's actually fun! Watch your children's progress live to feel the excitement of seeing a milestone reached in real time. Immerse yourself in easy-to-understand visualisations that make each child's practice come alive. Discover unexpected insights at every  turn and experience the delight of AGXL Analytics.

Insights That Work For You

AGXL assesses your children's understanding as they practise and generates detailed reports to give you valuable insight about your children's abilities. With a single click, you can view any of our AGXL Analytics reports, which   include data on your children's usage, trouble spots and the progress they've made.

Reach Peak Performance

AGXL Analytics gives you never-before-seen insight into your children's strengths and weaknesses, empowering you to take action to help them reach their full potential. Find the exact item types that your children are stuck on and even watch their progress towards learning a new skill or topic.

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